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On a mirror date that would coincide with the Lunar New Year, Dogecoin shall blast through its All Time High and return to its true place among Top 5 Cryptocurrencies. It will bring good luck to Dogecoin holders and their families after the hardships of the previous year and will bring relief, peace and prosperity to all. The more Dogecoins a person will own, the more good luck they and their families will receive.

Why Dogecoin

Dogecoin has been in place since 2013 and has no team, no government, no control and no special technology behind it, only pure belief in memes and thepower of people. Dogecoin is the people’s coin! Much wow!

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Dogecoin can find its true place by coming back to Top-5 Cryptocurrency spot where it once was.

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Dear Elon,

I have always wanted to visit the moon, but never had a chance to. Please, please, let the Prophecy come true and send me to the Moon this Lunar New Year.

Yours much wowfully,


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Let’s Send Doge
to the Moon!

Good luck in the New Lunar Year shall come to all of us that partake in making the Dogecoin Prophecy come true. All we need in New Year is Relief and Good Luck. All we need is Dogecoin!

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(these are future exchanges with which we intend to begin negotiations soon)

Full list of exchanges here

How can we all help besides buying Dogecoin?

Let’s support Dogecoin and earn Dogecoins as Bounty Reward! Let’s spread the Doge love!

Let’s invite our friends and collect rewards now! Bring more people to the Dogecoin family! Bounty Campaign for Dogecoin will reward for social media postings, blogs, videos, memes, songs and any other contributions. Your friend’s friends also bring reward to you.

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